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Head of Real Estate, Construction and Facilities will be a key member of the Senior Operating Team. The areas of focus will include portfolio assessment, market development plans, site selection, design review, construction project management oversight, facilities and maintenance oversight. He/she is responsible for managing developer relationships, construction vendor relations, and for ensuring productive and effective relationships with internal departments. The position will also be responsible for selecting store locations, cultivating landlord relationships, and managing all real estate leasing and negotiations. The position will also oversee all construction projects (new, remodels and relocations) as well as managing store closings as appropriate.

Major Responsibilities:

Create and manage construction capex and maintenance budgets.
Evaluate new location feasibility through development of ROI models and projected revenues and net profit.
Oversee portfolio review and recommend term renewals, closures and remodels.
Negotiate and execute all Letters of Intent, lease renewals, and early term closures.
Negotiate and determine terms for architects, General Contractors, suppliers and vendors.
Create multi departmental (marketing, finance, supply chain, IT) communication strategy for successful new store launches.
Oversee all construction build-outs, remodels, store closings; maintaining on budget and on time goals.
Manage real time, on line maintenance management system.
Evaluates markets through analyzing demographic information, understanding site characteristics i.e. shopping data, traffic patterns, competition, real estate market values and local infrastructure information.
Negotiates all economic terms.
Works with legal counsel regarding the timely preparation and execution of all related legal documentation.
Ensures that all deadlines are met and schedules are adhered to by working with the construction project manager and landlord or mall management.
Manage relationships with outside tenant rep company and with facilities software providers to ensure all goals are met.

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